studio Class A tube guitar amp head with spring reverb

studio Class A tube guitar amp head with spring reverb

 Kldguitar GT5HR amp is one of few 5w tube guitar amplifier head with spring reverb . It is true guitar amp used in home studio. You can obtain many features obtained only in larger amp. You can play it without connect reverb effect pedal. It has two 4 , 8 ohm out put jack and  easy to connect with kldguitar 112 ,115 cabinet. This simple tribute to the cute and collectable guitar amplifier makes small-room sessions lots of fun, Many professionals for its low output, easy-to-record capabilities, have employed GT5HR. GT5HR has a higher-gain preamp circuit to take the overdriven tone and a choice of High-or low-gain inputs. If you want to play jazz, blues, blues-rock (in the style of Led Zeppelin) or very early heavy metal (in the style of Black Sabbath), a vintage amp may be your best choice. If you want to play hard rock, 80's metal, and "shred" guitar (in the style of the countless 80's "guitar heroes"), you will probably want to go with a high-gain model. An internal speaker output jack allows the use of a larger speaker cabinet. GT5HR has switch key to let player select Pentode/triode. If you like big loud amplifier’s output, you can select pentode model, certainly, if you like clean and better sound, you can select triode model. Otherwise, GT5HR added one DI out for MIDI. please use kldguitar in google and watch our website more.

Product Origin: china
Model Number: GT5HR
Brand Name: kldguitar

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