ODM : KLDguitar 18w hand wired tube guitar amp PVA 18k

ODM : KLDguitar 18w hand wired tube guitar amp PVA 18k

 Assembled kits Program:

  1. 1. Order any part of any amp or effect pedal we make, at almost any stage of assembly (for example, order the entire amplifier as a kit of sub-assembled components, including power transformers, output transformers, and "populated" PCBs already installed into a chassis).

  2. 2. Design your own custom-branded cabinet or case and logo.

  3. 3. Final-assemble everything.

The Assembled Kits means everything of amp or pedal was assembled only without cabinet .It is undoubtedly the most profitable approach for many startup businesses because (a) it's much easier (and much less expensive) for you to design and build an attractive cabinet or case that fits our chassis and boards, than to design an amp or a pedal, and (b) our assembled kits are tweaked and tested according to the same rigorous Quality Control standards as our fully assembled amplifiers and effects pedals. (C) Certifications: you can obtainCE,C-tickcertifications KLDguitar had, at same time.

The accessories of cabinets are supplied also , which were used by usand ourbigger brand OEM companies. The quality of accessories is high . The price is lower than you buy in your local retailer . At same time, Because you ship them with assembled kits, the cost of shipment wouldbe very lower.

KLDguitar PVA 18K

Power : 18w RMS
· Three 12ax7s, two EL 84s
· Eyelet hand wired.
· Seven controls: Gain,Master, Bass, Middle, Treble,Earth, SKY.
·Green Power manager: power from,18w,9,4.5,2.25 w
·Output, 4 ohm, 8ohm, 16ohm
·Precise parts used for lowest noise 5W metal oxide power resistors, 600V polypropylene film/foil and polyester military capacitors
·DIMENSION:36 (L)x16(W)x13(H)CM (Unpacked)
·WEIGHT: 7kg (Unpacked)

Product Origin: China 
Model Number: PVA18HK
Brand Name: KLDguitar

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