KLDguitar AT 100 100w power attenuator

KLDguitar AT 100 100w power attenuator

Here is power attenuator that allow you to turn down your speakers by up to ∞ without turning down your amp. They are true-bypass configuration. It has 4 toggle SWs,you can obtain bypass,-6,-12, db attenuation;-12 db-∞. Line out,and emulation load etc.There is one self bright compensating circuit.

1. Attenuation : 0dB-3-6-9-12-Bypass

2. Bypass continue attenuation from -12 db -Infinitesimal
3. Line Level adjust
4.Headphone out
5. Two steps hearing Compensation
6. Speaker ON/OFF( OFF is for recording silence)
7. Two speaker out put jacks in parallel
8 XLR out ( Balanced out)
9. Unbalanced line out
10. Speaker emulation , ON is for PA , OFF is for guitar cabinet.
Size: 250x180x75mm

Product Origin: China
Model Number: AT 100
Brand Name: KLDguitar

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